Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition:
He was sentenced to death.
It is a story of love at first sight.
In winter people bask in the sun.
She is vain of her dress.
The lady is not amenable to reason.
Bangladesh is rich in natural gas.
Always be prepare for the work.
He rescued the child from danger.
I can not part with my pen.
Our path is beset with difficulties.
We are still short of fund.
A tax was imposed on cigarettes.
I told you about the book.
He was about to die.
Tom hit upon an excellent idea.
I ran to her.
I failed to cope with the new environment.
We all mourn for him.
Poverty is often an obstacle to higher studies.
His action is contrast  to his profession.
Your plan is open to objection.
A sinner has to atone for his sins.
I have no taste for music.
He entered into the room.
He was absent from the meeting.
He pretended to madness.
I have no appetite for food.
I have no objection to the proposal.
A lazy boy always despairs of success in life.
Students should have regard for their teachers.