Use of Prepositions
Rina live in Magura.
I talked to open about his business.
Tomal swore by Allah.
I introduced him to my brother.
He is above in the society.
I often exchange ideas with him.
The bus is about to start.
He spoke in favor of his son.
I shall not mix with you.
He just glanced at me.
He is jealous of my fame.
I have no greed in riches.
He jumped with joy to see me.
He is hostile to my plan.
Do not impute motives to him.
The house is infected with small pox.
I hinted at the coming trouble.
He is partial to his friend.
His house is opposite to mine.
He has a passion for music.
A drowning man catches at a straw.
He pleaded with me for justice.
Do not sheer at me.
He is a prey to greed.
This will put a sheer on his name.
He is polite in his manners.
He is popular with all for his goodness.
He is a slave to his passions.
I have presented the book to my sister.
You have sinned against god, and must suffer.
He is proud of his rank.
He is silent about the point.
He is a prey of greed.
He sided with me.
I shall proceed against you in the court.
More Prepositions
You acted contrary to orders.
I became detached from my friends.
Smoking is destructive to health.
We all mourn for him.
Take care of your health.
Drinking is abhorrent to me.
The Padma abounds with fishes.
This name is strange to me.
Never wink at your son’s fault.
He will compensate for my loss.
I can not stop to such meanness.
The thief was alarmed at the violence.
He was suspected of treachery.
A physician treated with me well.
I am suffering from malaria.
He has no  sympathy for his brother.
I have no zest for the work now.
He subsists on rice.
The rebels yield to the king.
He is worthy of praise.
I am pleased with him.
The committee consists of five members.
He is popular with all for his goodness.
He met me on Sunday.
He plunged into the river.
Man has no escape from death.
I shall protest you from danger.
Industry is the key to success.
Your remark is not relevant to the point.
The soldiers rebelled against the king.
It is the car of my uncle.
Omi was angry at the result.
Mr. Mehedi welcomed the delegates to the conference.
I can give you no assurance of help.
The committee had an inquiry into the case.
The girl has no ability of painting.
The traditional method of rice cultivation leads to a yield of about 700 kg/acre of Amon Paddy.
On the night before the exam, she was seen poring over the books.
Your work is more important than your games.
It is wise for you to study properly.
She prides  herself on her beauty.
I could not convince him of his mistakes.
Bangladesh abounds with rivers.
He refrained from passing any comment.