Tense- সময় বা কাল > Rules of Tense
1. যে শব্দ গুলো থাকলে present
indefinite tense হবে: sometimes, often,
usually, ocationally, every+time (hour, day,
year etc.), now and then, always, seldom,
daily, regularly. যেমন:
I often take tea.
They usually play in the morning.
2. যে শব্দ গুলো থাকলে present
continous tense হবে: today, this
morning, this evening, at this moment,
now, continually, constantly, perpetually.
My father is comming this evening.
They are playing now.
3.যে শব্দ গুলো থাকলে present perfect
tense হবে: just, just now, recently, lately,
already, so far, yet*, ever* (*present
perfect + negative/interogative). যেমন:
Just now he ___ his dinner but he says he
will see you when she is finished (24th
(a. is having, b. has had, c. was having, d.
had ) Ans: b
I have had my MA recently.
4. যে শব্দ গুলো থাকলে past indefinite
tense হবে: yesterday, long ago, ago, long
since, last+time (last night, last year
etc.), just+time+ago . যেমন:
I met the principal yesterday.
I passed the SSC in 1995.
He said that he ___ the previous day (29th
BCS). (a. , b. , c. , d. was burning ) Ans: b
5. Before / after :
a. (future/present/past)perfect+ before/
by the time +(present/past) indefinite.
He had written the book before he ____
(28th BCS). (a. retired, b. had retired, c.
has retired, d. will be retired ) Ans: a
b. (present/past) indefinite + after+
(present/past) perfect. যেমন:
She told me his name after he ___ (25th
BCS). (a. left, b. had left, c. has left, d.
has been leaving ) Ans: b
6. If conditions:
present indefinite + if + shall / will / can
past indefinite + if + would / could
past perfect + if + would have / could
যেমন: had I been a king, I would have
done this.
if কোথায় থাকল সেটা বড় ব্যাপার নয়, (+)
এর পূর্বের অংশ দেখে পরের অংশ বা
পরের অংশ দেখে পূর্বের অংশ করতে
অনেক সময় had main verb হিসাবে ব্যাবহার
হয় যেমন:
If I had a laptop, I would open a facebook
What would have happened if__ (27th
(a. the bridge is broken, b. the bridge
would broken, c. the bridge had broken, d.
the bridge has been broken ) Ans: c
7. as if , as though, wish, it is time, it is
high time.
এতদের দ্বারা দুটি ক্লজ যুক্ত হলে পূর্বে
present indefinite থাকলে পরে past form
এবং to be verb এর স্থলে were বসে ।
এতদের দ্বারা দুটি ক্লজ যুক্ত হলে পূর্বে
past form থাকলে পরে past perfect এবং
to be verb এর স্থলে had been বসে ।
Rishan walks as if he ___ lame (30th
BCS). (a. is, b. had been, c. has, d. were )
Ans: b
8. past indefinite + past perfect: কোন
sentence এ একটি দেখে অন্যটি করতে
হয়। যেমন:
HR said that he had done the sum.
9. past continuous + past indefinite: কোন
sentence এ একটি দেখে অন্যটি করতে
হয়। যেমন:
I was reading the book when she came.
Neela ____ her hand when she was
cooking dinner (26th BCS). (a. is burring,
b. burnt, c. will burn, d. was burning )
Ans: b
10.as soon as , till , untill দ্বারা যুক্ত দটি
ক্লজে একটি past indefinite থাকলে
আপরটিও past indefinite হয়।
#past indefinite +( as soon as , till , untill)
+ past indefinite. যেমন:
I went there as soon as she came.
I opened the door as soon as I ___ the
bell (24th BCS). (a. have heard, b. was
hearing, c. am heard, d. heard ) Ans: d
We waited until the plain ____ (23rd BCS)
(a. did not take off, b. took off, c. has not
taken off, d. had taken off ) Ans: b
11. Since / for + time থাকলে present
perfect / present perfect continuous হয়।
present perfect continuous বেশি গ্রহণ
যোগ্য।(সময় গোনা গেলে for , গোনা
না গেলে since হয়). যেমন:
Choose the correct sentence– (a. what
are you doing for the last three hours, b.
what have you been doing for the last
three hours, c. what did you doing for the
last three hours, d. what had you done for
the last three hours ) Ans: b
12. while + continuous tense: sentense
দেখে কোন continuous tense সেটা
ঠিক করতে হবে. যেমন:
He shouts at his wife while he is walking
on the road.
Do not make a noise while your father___
(24th & 26th BCS). (a. is sleeping, b. has
slept, c. a sleep, d. is being a sleep ) Ans:
My uncle arrived while I ___ the dinner
(24th BCS). (a. would cook, b. had
cooked, c. cook, d. was cooking ) Ans: d
13. Tense আর একটি রুল হল sence এর
ভিত্তিতে করা। কখনও কখনও এমন কিছু
sentence আসবে যেখানে শুধু sence
অনুযায়ী কাজ করতে হবে। যেমন:
* when এর পর কখনও future tense বসেনা।
*hardly থাকলে এর পর when/before বসে।
I. Only after I ______ home, did I remember
my doctor’s appointment (28th BCS). (a.
going, b. go, c. went, d. gone ) Ans: c
II. As the sun ______ I decided to go out
(24th & 26th BCS). (a. has shown, b.
shine, c. shines, d. was shining ) Ans: d
III. We (not have) a holiday since the
beginning of the year (13th BCS). (a. did
not have , b. have not had, c. are not
have, d. had not had ) Ans: d
IV. Next August Lata and Tanim _____ for
10 years. (a. are married, b. have been
married, c. will marry, d. will have been
married ) Ans: d
V. I’ll phone you when I _______ the news.
(a. am getting, b. get, c. will get, d. will
be getting ) Ans: b
VI. No sooner had we reached the station
____ the train left. (a. when , b. then, c.
than, d. which ) Ans: c
VII. Hardly had the train stoped___ (a.
before we got down, b. as we got down,
c. then we got down, d. when we got
down ) Ans: d
VIII. A reward has been announced for
the employees who ____ hard. (a. have
worked, b. has worked, c. will be work, d.
have had work ) Ans: a