Write an application to your Headmaster prayer for permission to play a friendly football match.
July 15, 2015 

The Headmaster 

Zirabo govt. school and college, Dhaka
Subject:- An application for permission to play a friendly football match. 
Dear Sir, 

We the students of your school, beg most respectfully to state that we would like to play a friendly football match with Rotary school and college and Police Shrity School and college team in our school play ground after the 6th period. Our Game teacher Mr. Rahman has kindly consented to conduct the match if allowed by your honor. 

We , therefore, pray that you will kindly give us permission to play the friendly match at 1 P.M. today and oblige thereby. 
Obediently yours 

Nabil Hasnat, Captain, Class-ix

On behalf of Rotary school and college team.