This is an educational website .Here u can get primary treatment ( home remedy), general knowledge, English grammar,law & what not.
There is a proverb that, Read more, Learn more.
Give me an educated mother, I will give u an educated nation. (Nepolion-নেপোলিয়ন)

Md. Amirul Islam
Pirpukuria, Gangore
Niamatpur, Naogaon
E-mail: amirulislam01743@gmail.com

website : https://amirulislaminfo.wordpress.com

My wife

Thank You. call at : 09638020082

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. I am an English teacher based in Kurigram would like to thank you for uploading rules of transformation of sentences. Keep doing great jobs.

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  2. I thing this site is very helpful for everyone.

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  3. Thank u.


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